KA Trips : The Roxbury Gets Tanked

roxbury-002One of my favorite places on earth is just 3 hours north of NYC, tucked into the Catskills, but its out-of-this-world design feels more like an another planet. [Ed. I totally wrote this post before watching the episode of Tanked. It is pure coincidence that the Tanked guy and I used the exact same, apparently very suitable, phrase.] Last night The Roxbury Motel debuted a highly anticipated and very sweet fish tank on Tanked. And, randomly enough, Scott and I happened to be staying there back in September when the show was filming!

To travel back to the beginning, we first visited The Roxbury in December 2011 following our [kind of busy, kind of stressful] honeymoon. I wanted to go away for the weekend, we had a Jetsetter credit, the hotel looked cool, it was on.

And what a picture perfect weekend it was. [Starting with a rental Fiat, but that’s another story.] It was every bit the stress-free bliss our honeymoon was not. The Roxbury is all about the details, and there are many, and they are perfect. Everything is immaculate and you genuinely feel welcomed and taken care of from the moment you set foot in the very deliberately decorated-to-look-like-your-upstate-cousins-house “lobby”.

And then there are the rooms:

Samantha's Cloud

Samantha’s Cloud

On our first stay we picked Samantha’s Cloud room. (Scott’s choice for the murals. I loved the light fixtures.)

Samantha's Cloud

Samantha’s Cloud


For our highly anticipated next stay we booked a long [Sun-Wed] weekend for our 1st anniversary. I thought it was a little strange that the hotel seemed to be booked solid mid-week in September, but chalked it up to my own procrastination. We took what we could get, which was Maryann’s Coconut Cream Pie room for the first night, and the Wizard’s Emeralds the next two.

Maryann's Coconut Cloud

Maryann’s Coconut Cream Pie

Wizard's Emeralds

Wizard’s Emeralds


As it turns out, the reason we had to move out of Maryann’s room was because the crew from Tanked was moving in. [And then I spent the next 2 days referring to them as the Fish Tank Kings, with Scott constantly correcting me. Excuuuse me for not having my fish tank shows straight.] Everything was very secretive–but we did totally get to hear about the in-the-shower fish tank and someone driving to Albany in the middle of the night for some emergency–so it was just as well that we had moved to the other side of the building, as the day before we were definitely peeking out Maryann’s window at the finishing touches that were happening on the Digs.

The Digs

The Digs

Now we just have to wrangle 4 other people into coming with us so we can justify spending the weekend at the Digs–anyone interested?! 😉