Travel Deals – Galapagos, Maine, Louisiana, Colorado, Belize

Every week I’m flooded with emails from Jetsetter, Vacationist, LuxuryLink, Bloomspot, LivingSocial, Zozi, Groupon, Yapta… and since I can’t yet afford to jump on every travel bargain that crosses my inbox, I thought I should start sharing them here, in case any of you can. Enjoy!


Ecoventura Cruises, Galapagos Islands

Bloomspot – I’ve been told the best way to see the Galapagos is on a cruise, and that the best kind of cruise is a small one, therefore Ecoventura’s 20-passenger Galapagos cruises keep catching my eye.


Maine Huts & Trails

Zozi – I’m not a cold-weather gal. In fact, actual physical issues prevent me from being one. But if I was, man, how cool would snowshoeing from hut to hut through the Maine backcountry be?! And the huts have heat, hot showers and toilets, which is definitely my speed of “camping”.



Yapta – Yapta sent a link to this pretty sweet online publication about the culinary delights of Louisiana. I have not yet been, but eating my way through sounds like the way to do it. Mmm, beignets. Nom.


Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Bonus pic for Aimee - Spot the lobster!

Bonus pic for Aimee – Spot the lobster!

Jetsetter – Jetsetter’s taunting me yet again with the glorious Dunton Hot Springs, a former Colorado ghost town reinvented as a super luxe mini-resort, which I am  DYING to go to. {Derp}


Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa

Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa, Belize

Living Social – The rates and 5-star TripAdvisor reviews on this Belizean getaway make the whole thing sound too good to be true. Can I please go escape winter now?