Madagascar journeycontinued from Madagascar – Part 5

Wildlife was one of the main reasons for us choosing Madagascar as a destination and prior to arriving at Anjajavy, we certainly saw a lot of wildlife in the country already, but we had no idea what was in store in Anjajavy.  The Anjajavy region is protected and the hotel is serious about creating a sanctuary there for both the tourist and the local wildlife.  What they have achieved there is unbelievable.  I will post a separate entry just for lemurs and birds alone, so stay tuned for that because I spent probably 75% of my time there photographing those guys.  See below for some photos of the other creatures we came across while in Anjajavy.  Some of these creatures were seen on nature walks with our guide Max, and others were seen right on the resort property.

Flatid leaf bugs (Phromnia rosea) in

Flatid leaf bugs (Phromnia rosea).

These pink bugs were unbelievable.  When we saw them, they look like something out of a cartoon or a sci-fi movie.  We could not believe how vibrant the color was and how they were out completely un camouflaged.  I cant imagine they are hard to spot by their predators.

Madagascar Hairy Crab. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

Madagascar Hairy Crab.

In certain areas of our walks, these crabs were everywhere!  On one of the nocturnal walks we went on (which Ill post about later), we almost stepped on hundreds of these.

Madagascar Zebu. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

Madagascar Zebu.

Zebu are the cattle of Madagascar, and we did see them elsewhere in the country, but it was wonderful to see them here free roaming and not carting goods in the capital.  They were mostly located near the airport, which actually has to sound whistles to clear the runway of zebu for landing.

Madagascar Flatid leaf bug nymphs. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

Madagascar Flatid leaf bug nymphs.

We first saw these on one of the Madagascar TV documentaries that came out a few years ago and I was hoping to get to see these bugs in person. I am so glad I did since they are absolutely crazy, like some sort of alien creature.  The bright white stands out and you cant miss them.  I am glad they were in the forest as I wouldn’t want these in my hotel room.

Madagascar Large Beatle

Madagascar Large Beetle that visited us for dinner one night. It was quite a surprise when I went to use my napkin.

We didn’t have too many problems with bugs at dinner, but one night I looked down and found this creature on my lap.  Im not too bad with bugs, but the sheer size of this guy made me jump a mile.

Madagascar Green Day Gecko. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

Madagascar Green Day Gecko.

This little guy may have been one of my favorites.  He was hanging out one day in the Oasis at the hotel and he let me photograph him for a while, but he did run a bit when I would get too close.  The color was so vibrant against the tree he was on, he was easy to spot.

Madagascar Gecko

Madagascar Gecko

This adorable little one was on our doorstep of our villa and I am so glad I spotted him before I stepped on him.  He didnt hang out long after I took the picture.

Madagascar Bug

Madagascar Bug

Largest ladybug looking thing I have ever seen.

Tongue Fish

Tongue Fish

We found this on the beach and thought it was a shell at first, but our guide told us it was a Tongue fish.

Madagascan Flying Fox Bat

Madagascan Flying Fox Bat

I love bats, so I was so excited to spot this guy. We were on a boat at the time in the mangroves, so sadly, I couldn’t get a closer look.



Madagascar Skink

Madagascar Skink.

Madagascar Hognose Snake

Madagascar Hognose Snake

We saw this snake, or ones that looked like this snake multiple times on the property.  I don’t mind snakes, so I hung around him and took photos for a while which he totally posed for.

Stay tuned for more of the amazing wildlife we saw in Anjajavy in part 7…