Madagascar journey continued from Madagascar – Part 4

As I mentioned in my last post, Anjajavywas a true paradise and anyone thinking of traveling here should book without hesitation.  The hotel is not cheap, but I think if this hotel were anywhere else in the world it would be 10x more expensive.  Luckily, if you book for your honeymoon, the bride stays for half price, so this is a major savings for you newlyweds out there.  We also enjoyed some extra perks like a couples massage (that was oddly on our balcony that people could walk by and see, but since it was so dead while we were there, no one walked by), a sunset cruise and a private dinner in the oasis. Anjajavy offers activities every day, sometimes two a day.  On our first day, they had a visit to one of the local villages scheduled, Ambondro Village.  We were tempted to stay at the resort and soak up the sun and relax, but we knew this would be an important and meaningful part of our trip, so we suited up and were on our way.  The Anjajavy tour guide, Max, was our guide for this trip, and for all the activities following.  Max was amazing, spoke fantastic English and knew everything there was to know about anything you can think of in Madagascar.  I wish Max was my tour guide in life.  To get to this village, we had to take a short boat ride, which was an added treat.

Ambondro Village Trip.

Ambondro Village Trip. I saw this hat in the gift shop and promptly made my first purchase within about 2 hours of arriving at the hotel. I believe it was something crazy like $7.00 and hand made from a local villager.

I am not sure why, but I had not anticipated the village being on the beach.  I had never seen an entire community living on a beach except for episodes of Lost.  I was nervous about going into the village, but was again surprised at the hospitality of the Malagasy people, they welcomed us with smiles and broken English greetings.

Ambondro Village Boat, Anjajavy Madagascar.  Photo by Aimee DiAndrea

Ambondro Village Boat, Anjajavy Madagascar. 

I am so glad we started our Anjajavy part of the trip with this village visit.  It was one of the highlights of the trip to see how these happy people live and how simple life can really be.  It certainly made me appreciate everything I have in life and truly inspired me.

The Oasis, Anjajavy L'Hotel

The Oasis, Anjajavy L’Hotel

After our village visit, we made it back just in time for tea in the Oasis, which is something that Anjajavy offers every day.  I see why they call it the Oasis since it is one of the most peaceful places on earth (besides the mosquitoes).  The Oasis was designed by a famous Parisian landscape architect, Camille Muller, who designed it to gather some of the most rare species in the world.

After our first evening of tea in the Oasis, Dave and I wanted to try to catch the first sunset of the trip, so we took a walk down to the beach and found ourselves alone watching this…

Anjajavy Sunset

Anjajavy Sunset. (Speaking of Lost, while we were here, I pretended that there was a large statue of a foot on the other side of this cliff)

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