When a deal is not quite a deal…

A couple weeks ago, I received the usual local “getaway” email from one of the major “deals” sites/lists* advertising a weekend away on the North Fork of Long Island.

Something about the name of the bed and breakfast made me take a second look. The pictures looked meh, but the location made me read on. See, the Nassau county location shown on the map was nowhere near the North Fork wineries, outlets, or even Montauk lighthouse, as the blurb advertised.

At least it was within walking distance to the train to New York City—thank goodness, because its actual location was not exactly close to any of Long Island’s actual attractions, beaches, or even cuter neighborhoods.

A closer look revealed this bed and breakfast was housed in an ordinary 4 bedroom, 1 bath, Long Island Cape Cod.

Uh. Is that even legal?

So the issues we have here are twofold:

1) Deal was grossly mis-advertised, as it sure ain’t where it was advertised to be. I mean, there’s was map plug-in that showed the exact location of the b&b as compared to the actual North Fork. Where’d they find copy writers THAT geographically challenged?

A quick email to the site, to satisfy my own inner consumer advocate more than anything else, and within a day the false advertising was fixed. Kudos to them.

2) Can anyone really just randomly open a b&b? This example sure does make it appear that way.

ordinary suburban house

Aimee loves the foyer

Of course, opening a B&B and having people actually want to stay there are two completely different things. Though apparently it’s been in business since 2008, reviews around the web include such gems as:

“Fawlty Towers is a funny to show to watch, but you don’t want to actually stay with these two female Basil Fawltys! Dreadful "hostesses" who thought it would be fun to decorate a house and charge people to stay there.”

The hours of amusement Aimee and I get from such hotel review witticisms, has made us toss around the idea of sourcing snippets of scathing reviews from around the web and featuring them (anonymously?) here.

Is that hilarious and awesome or just plain mean?

[And is it complete and total copyright infringement?]



*Due to the referenced social coupon site’s quick response fixing their mistake, and the B&B’s overall innocent I’m won’t disclose the identity of either.