Trip Plan : Greece

I have been longing to go to Greece ever since I built a model of a white stucco, cobalt blue-domed Greek building for a set design class in college. And then last summer the whole of my Twitter crowd seemed to take off to there while I was planning my Italian honeymoon.

Its economy might be in the toilet, but Greece still looks beautiful.

Economic instability and riots don’t sound ideal, but prices are low and all the more reason to bring one’s tourist dollars, right?

This is probably why Jetsetter has gorgeous hotels on a shoestring right now.  The Athens and Santorini combo sounds like a perfect beginners’ trip for someone with a week to spend – I would do 3-4 nights at each.

First up is Fresh Hotel in Athens, the obvious choice of city to fly into.  Flights from NYC right now are roughly $1000 pp round trip = $2000.


This super-cute, modern hotel starts at $71 a night  (insert 😮 face here), and has a very solid 4-star rating on Trip Advisor. It is in a centrally located, “gritty” neighbor from whence one can walk to major sites, like the Acropolis. Trip Advisor also tells me it’s close to a Metro that can take you to/from the airport! (To me, “gritty” usually means if you’re from or have lived in a city, you won’t be bothered, if you’re a small-towner, the surroundings might freak you out.)

The rooftop bar and pool look to-die-for, especially as I hear Athens gets HOT. It’s allegedly not the largest space, but aren’t urban pools always a bonus? And with Parthenon views? I think I’ll survive.

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The rooms look cute and serviceable (plus you can never go wrong with Artemide lighting), and I think the “executive double” with its sitting area and larger outdoor space would be a special treat from the usual postage-stamp sized European hotel room. $567 for three nights starting May 1.



Next, I’d head head to Santorini, home of those blue cupolas I  think of when I think of Greece. When I saw Voreina Gallery Suites, I could think of only one thing: PLUNGE POOL. For less than $250 a nite. $666 for 3 nights, in fact.

What the what?

And with 29 5-star reviews and a 100% recommended Trip Advisor rating, these people are not messing around. Please someone go for me. Or  better yet, take me with you.

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The property arranges transfers from the airport or ferry port. The 9-suite hotel is located in Pyrgos, which isn’t as famous as Fira or Oia, but some of us prefer to be outside the center of the action anyway! ($84 ferry transfer.)

Breakfast is provided, but there are no restaurants or spa on site. Many suites have kitchens, which gives one the chance to experience encounters with fruit/veggie/etc. vendors and check out what kind of goods one can get in a Greek market. (Am I the only person that loves exploring foreign grocery stores?)

I could probably find more enthusiastic things to say about this fictitious trip, but I’m already bummed enough that I can’t go right now.

So, let us just soak in the pics, and dream!

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