Honeymoon Diary : Rachel (Dday)

Most of us aren’t as lucky as Aimee to be going on a post-Thanksgiving honeymoon, but we can dream about warmth and margaritas and an absence of family drama. So today, just in time for Thanksgiving travels, we’re lucky to have Rachel, who you might know from her wedding or other awesomeness over at A Practical Wedding, or from her blog (including her revolutionary work with MS Paint) Bananas, continued, to show and tell us about how some times in life you  just really really need a swim-up bar.


We went to Sandals Antigua for our honeymoon.

We knew we wanted relaxation more than adventure for our honeymoon, and we wanted to use our passports. Sure we’d love to hop around Europe or Asia at some point, but for this we just wanted a beach and not to have to worry about much of anything. Not because we’d be exhausted from the wedding – we actually went on the trip two months after the wedding – but just because, I don’t know. Lazy luxurious beach time sounded best for us, and something we wouldn’t likely have the chance to repeat on our own dime any time soon (the honeymoon fund was a gift from my in-laws). One day my sister emailed me about some sale on all-inclusive Sandals Resort packages, and then the hardest part was deciding which resort sounded the best.

No idea how we chose Antigua over their other locations. Maybe we closed our eyes and pointed, but anyway, we got exactly what we wanted and needed. My only regret is not going for a full week – we figured 4 days would be just enough, and then we’d have a few days at home to decompress. I liked the decompress time, but I could totally have done another day in the pool with the swim-up bar…

Pros: relatively short flight (6 hours ish from DC?); swim-up bar; no need to carry cash around resort; eat at a restaurant and walk out with a full bottle of champagne without paying; swim-up bar; free kayak (and other light sea craft) rentals; swim-up bar; party on the beach; papayas and passion fruit… did I mention swim-up bar…

Cons: Wine selection isn’t fabulous; too much sugar in all the mixed drinks. That’s pretty much all I can think of. By the end of our stay I had learned to request no simple syrup when ordering any mixed drink (even a gin & tonic).

Tip: Would not recommend the circumnavigation catamaran tour, if you’re going and want to buy an extra-fee tour of some kind. It was lovely, and fun to go snorkeling off a deserted beach, but it was just toooo long. We were ready to get off that boat about 2 hours before the tour was over. Also we got burnt really badly from snorkeling. Sunscreen, waterproof, early and often.

I think enough talking. The pictures speak for themselves really.