Flight Tracking Agony

DSCF0100 The other day my boss was telling me all about her upcoming flights to Germany (also in September, the same week we leave), where she somehow managed to get a magical phone representative who magically managed to get her a first class ticket there and a business class ticket back (but on Virgin Atlantic!), for a whopping total of 117,000 miles. Which equates to roughly $1,200. Barely more than we are spending on our coach tickets.

Now, it’s not like I exactly have 117,000 miles sitting around, but just hearing about her triumph was enough to trigger some “not good enough” alarms.

You see, I agonized over booking our honeymoon. About three months of obsessing, flight tracking, actually speaking with a travel agent, and finally accepting that I had found the best deal I could and booking it. And of course after acceptance came second-guessing, followed by some math about whether we’d save any money by canceling, re-booking, etc.

Flights to Europe, I’m going to say, have been crazy-volatile this year, Aer Lingus (which as the cheapest I have monitored the closest), has risen from $700ish to $900+ and dropped back down at least 3 times since March. It is seriously enough to give one a heart attack.

I even went so far as to look into flight tracking strategies to see when prices typically rise and fall, when I should be booking, etc. Finally, when Aimee sent me this article: http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_18299580?nclick_check=1, I had this response: “So honeymoon’s will always fuck you, because there’s no way I’m booking 4-6 weeks in advance!”

I finally booked our flights in a flight/hotel combo package with Expedia—the only booking website that seemed to allow me multi-city flights (into Florence and out of Rome) + booking hotels for only part of our stay in Italy.

So we may have spent a leeetle more on the flights than I would’ve hoped, but we did get flights on major carriers at convenient times, and hotel rates that allowed us to stay in much nicer digs than had we booked separately. Expedia’s Italian customer service, much to my surprise, also comes highly recommended from none other than Aimee’s brother.

While I occasionally—like yesterday—still feel if I had searched longer and harder I could’ve gotten a better deal, I did realize that part of what we’re paying for is sanity. It’s the peace of mind of knowing that our honeymoon is booked, so that 6 weeks out from the wedding, as we are now, I can concentrate on that, and not tracking flights.

But I kind of miss the days before the internet, when someone else was in charge of finding you the best deal, and you just had to trust that it was.