My Italian Love Affair

So…we’re going to Italy!

I’m so glad to be going back after 8 long years, but I have to admit, it’s a bit awkward for me. Bringing Scott to Italy, especially for our honeymoon, seems kind of like introducing him to an old boyfriend—or better yet—an important family member that maybe he should have met before the wedding.

I mean, what if I found myself in Italy, on my honeymoon, married to a man who hates it there?!?!

The horror.

We chose the Amalfi Coast for the main part of our trip, and one of the reasons was because it’s an area I haven’t explored that thoroughly. I very much don’t want this to become a “and this is where we did this…and this is where we did that” kind of trip.

This may be somewhat inevitable as we are also briefly visiting Florence and Rome, two cities that I have been to many times…

1999, or Teenage Angst

I took my first trip to Italy with my mom and a Perillo tour group as a 16 year old. It was nothing short of torture. I spent the entire time scribbling in a notebook and lusting after wine and cigarettes, occasionally grabbing the camera from my David’s-butt-photographing mother long enough to take an artsy shot or two.




Piazza Signoria, Florence

Palazzo Vecchio


fontana di trevi

Vatican Museum

2001, Italian Odyssey

Senior year of high school I returned to Italy but this time with a bunch of my classmates. It was crazy fun. As in both fun, and crazy. I still hated Rome (it’s hard not to when you’re vomiting all over the Vatican – true story), loved Florence, and survived Venice during Carnevale. (Which was The. Best. Thing. Ever.)

This was also my only visit to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. It was just a taste, but our balcony in Sorrento overlooking the Bay of Naples, and quick day trip along the coastal highway was enough for an indelible impression. I remember walking along the road from the parking lot to Amalfi (or was it Positano?), and looking at all the villas and their views from hanging off the cliff, and thought to stay in this place would be magic. And so magic here we come!

Pompeii 2001

SorrentoPositano? Amalfi?Amalfi? Positano?Florence

2003, “Study” Abroad

In 2003, I spent 4 months studying abroad in Florence. Amazingly, I think I have less photos from this time than I do of my previous trips. This is partially due to a camera-thieving gypsy incident, and partially due to forgetting to take pictures of what becomes daily life.

It was then that I finally fell in love with Rome, and nearly divorced Florence…

Pantheon/ruin cat Sistine Ceiling, alone at night   Fontana di Trevi a notte