Honeymoon Diary : Kelly and CG

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I’ve been sure in these months leading up to my wedding to arm myself with inspiring tales about how it will still be okay if things (or everything) goes wrong on our wedding day. It’s probably helpful to remember that this applies to the honeymoon as well. So here is Kelly and CG’s tale of a honeymoon that didn’t exactly goes as planned.

Stormy Oahu

CG and I decided to go to Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu for our honeymoon based on a couple factors. First, we had decided to do a 3 day wedding bash in Maui, meaning our friends and families (and us) were going to be spending some money. Secondly, we have been together for 5 years and in those years we have been to Costa Rica, Maui, a cross country road trip (twice) and recently, Australia and New Zealand. We have been blessed with travel opportunities in the last few years, and we knew we wanted to stay in Hawaii, so we didn’t do a whole lot of research. We had seen the resort in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, thought it looked gorgeous and heard it is quiet, so we booked it in a holiday package that included rental car and airfare.

The day after the wedding I felt like I had been through a war. The stress, the celebrating (ahem, drinking), the limited nutrients I consumed and the limited sleep I had allowed myself on the wedding day and the days leading up to it had taken their toll. I am slightly type A, meaning I wouldn’t take a break and leave my guests (although I’m sure they wouldn’t complain about being left at the pool bar in beautiful Maui) to take a MUCH needed nap, by choice.

So when we left for our honeymoon the day after I was EXHAUSTED. We agreed on our way to the airport for the inter-island flight that all we wanted was to get to the hotel, take a nice long shower, order room service, and stay in bed for 24 hours.

We got to the airport in Maui to find out the airport we were flying to was closed due to severe weather (waterspouts and flash floods in Hawaii?). After being stuck in the airport for 5 hours, a 30 minute flight to Oahu, and the drive across the island that was mostly without power due to the storms, we arrived at the hotel just after midnight (four hours later than we had expected) exhausted, starved, and generally grumpy. I knew our reservation was tagged “honeymoon couple” so I figured things were about to get better for us.

Not so much.

They had given away our room (despite me having called hours ago to tell them we’d be late to check-in due to the flight delay) and only had a room with 2 twin beds available.

“But we’re on our honeymoon” I said. “You can upgrade to a suite for $20 a night” was the offer.

We reluctantly agreed but then were told actually that suite wasn’t ready until tomorrow, so tonight it was twin beds for us.

And oh yeah, room service had closed at midnight.

After that rough start the trip was generally not impressive. It was very stormy, the hotel was under construction and the room sometimes smelled of paint, the front desk workers were far from friendly or accommodating, and the free bottle of champagne we were promised (our one honeymoon perk) never showed up despite calling to check on it twice. We had only 3 full days there and one was taken up by waiting for our new room to be ready (not until 3pm).

Having said all that (and suggesting to future Hawaiian honeymooners to head to Maui or Kauai instead of Turtle Bay Resort), we really had a good time. We tried to laugh off our misfortune, and just enjoy the time together. And when one of us would get frustrated the other would mention “but the wedding was so perfect who cares?”.

We were so thankful that everything went so well for the wedding weekend: The weather was amazing, everyone had a wonderful time and got along famously, and it turned out so wonderful. So we just tried to focus on that, instead of remembering our honeymoon as a series of small disasters.

I think honeymoons have a little bit of the prom stigma. Sometimes there is so much pressure and expectations put into it, that you wind up being let down.

We tried to think of it more as a recovery and rejuvenation from the wedding. And hopefully the first of many married vacations together, so if it wasn’t perfect the next one will be better.

And hey, they say rain on your wedding day is good luck. So a once-in-20-years freak thunderstorm during your honeymoon day has to mean something good right?

Kelly & CG