Look Before You Book : Lifebooker & Costa Rica

When I saw that Lifebooker Loot had a deal for a Costa Rica vacation this week, I got super excited. Aimee and I are already planning on a post-honeymoon 2012 trip to CR, and I was interested to see what they came up with.

I hadn’t heard of the Villas Sol Resort and Hotel in my research from our trip last year, but 4 nites at an all-inclusive for $499 for 2 people is like Cancun cheap(!), so I quickly looked it up on my trusty Trip Advisor.

At 69% recommended, I wouldn’t call this a steal, so much as a timeshare heavy hotel trying desperately to get some traffic. That of course is totally my opinion, based solely on the mixed reviews I read, but it just goes to show you should always do your research when a deal looks too good to be true!

View from Villas Sol by Frank Jacquier