Madagascar it is!

So we took the plunge and booked our trip.  Madagascar, here we come!

I am known for being very indecisive, and I also like to have all my facts straight before I go for something. (EDIT: She’s a Libra!) I like to be prepared.  For some reason all I was thinking about was Madagascar, and I couldn’t make the final call for the trip.  One day after heading to the library to pick up anything I could find about Madagascar (which included some books, a DVD and yes, a VHS), I got slightly depressed.  When I asked myself why, I realized that I really couldn’t get excited about it anymore unless we just say we are going.  We obviously wouldn’t be happy with any other destination, let’s just do it.”

So we finally bit the bullet and booked our flights.  We ended up booking everything though our travel agent, and it turns out they are good for something:  consolidated airfare.  I was convinced I could get our flights cheaper myself with all my flight tracking skills, but in the end, the travel agent won.

Once I took the plunge on the Madagascar trip, I went balls out.  We aren’t just going to Madagascar, we are GOING to Madagascar.

Here is our Itinerary:

  • Fly from JFK airport to Johannesburg airport. Have a scary quick layover of slightly over an hour.
  • Fly from Johannesburg airport to the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, or better known as Tana.
  • We will picked up by a guide and get swept away on a 2.5 hour drive to Perinet, or Andasibe.
  • We will stay overnight in Andasibe at either the Vakona Forest Lodge, or the brand new Andasibe Hotel. (Right now we are booked at Andasibe, but we are a little worried about the lack of bug nets at the facility so we may switch over to the more established Vakona).
  • At Andasibe, we will take a night hike in the forest there to see the night time flora and fauna.  The next morning we will wake up early in hope of seeing the famous Indri Lemurs that apparently come out to chat around 6am.  After our morning hike and Indri spotting, we will head back to the hotel and hit the road back to Tana.

Indri Lemur

Anjajavy International Airport

Anjajavy International Airport – By Zenas M

    • The next seven nights we will spend at the blissful Anjajavy L’Hotel.  This is the absolute highlight of the trip.  I agonized for weeks about wanting to stay here.  Just read the Trip Advisor reviews and see for yourself.  The best part of Anjajavy is not the beautiful private bungalows on the beach, but the fact that my favorite lemur frolics around here like crazy — The Sifaka Lemur. The reason why I am most excited about meeting the Sifaka lemurs are because they “Dance” when they walk around, they skip and gallop on their two hind legs.  They also leap incredibly far distances.  Watch the video below and you will see why.
  • At Anjajavy, all meals are included as well as guided walks in the forest, guided tours of the local village, kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling.  Because we are honeymooning, we also get some additional perks like a private sunset cruise on the mangrove, massages, a dinner in a private cove on the beach, and best of all– for those newlyweds out there…the bride stays for half price!
  • After our wonderful time at Anjajavy, we will hop back on our little plane back to Tana where we will stay one final night in Madagascar at Royal Palissandre & Spa.  We will have enough time to take a quick tour of the capital’s highlights as well as a visit Ambohimanga in the afternoon prior to departure.
  • We then fly back to Johannesburg and have a more relaxing three hour layover for our flight that takes us back to JFK.