Trip Plan : Sardinia

Where I stand on Italy: I have been to Italy three times, including several months of studying abroad there. I ❤ Italy. I hope that one day Scott will ❤ it too. I haven’t been back in eight years. (Holy fuck.) Clearly, I’m dying to go back, and it is for that reason that I’ve selfishly thrown it into the running for our honeymoon.

When first looking into going to Italy, I thought it might be best if we went somewhere that was new for both of us. And warm. Definitely somewhere warm. I started looking into Sardinia as an option because it looked insanely beautiful, had lots of wildlife (a must for us), and seemed a bit off the beaten track. Unfortunately, I then discovered that late September is when Sardinia shuts down for the winter, and has hazardous trade winds that make driving–and I’m assuming, sunbathing, difficult.

Sardinia by Arthur Guy

Here is the itinerary I had planned:

Day 1: Arrive in Rome from the red-eye ($1400).

Relais al Senato – Piazza Navona – 140 euros

Day 2: Spend the day in Rome, doing some rapid sightseeing.

Rome by f.d.W.

Day 3: Pickup a rental car (~$500 automatic) and ferry it to Sardinia ($500 rt).

Cagliari Ferry by Monna McD

Day 4-7: Explore Sardinia.

Saltara Agriturismo – Bungalow – © Daniele Carotenuto

Saltara Agristurismo near Santa Teresa Gallura looks like a great option for eating your way through Sardinia, while experiencing the local culture. 

For a more traditional seaside Sardinia experience, I was looking into Villa del Golfo, which has stunning views, reasonable prices, and solid TripAdvisor reviews.

Places to See:

La Maddelena by br1dotcom

The crystal clear water and rocky outcroppings of La Maddelena is the primary reason I want to visit Sardinia.

Beaches! It sounds like you could drive circles around Sardinia for weeks, and still not hit up all the great beaches.

There’s also castles! And caves!

Castelsardo by cdepaz

Caves, Cala Luna by clurr

Day 8: Ferry back to the mainland, landing in Livorno this time, and driving through Tuscany to visit Florence.

by AroundTuscany

Day 9-10: Drop off the rental car and spend several days exploring Florence.

Florence – Ponte Vecchio by Uzerty

Day 11: Take the train back down to Rome, and fly home.