Honeymoon: What’s my Motivation?

Four months out and we’re still deciding where to go.

I’m being an indecisive brat, but it’s just so haaard to decide where you’re going to feel like being or what you’re going to feel like doing after an experience you’ve never been through before!

Maybe I’m going to want to crash in a lounge chair with a fruity drink, or maaaaybe forced relaxation will cause me to go into shock and I’ll spend the whole time full of pent up anxiety resulting in days spent crying. (Not that this, uh, has happened to me on vacation before or anything…)

The generally accepted “Why?” of honeymoons seems to be a time post-wedding to unwind and spend time together just the two of you. (And some people *ahem* expand this to mean a time to take the vacation of a lifetime.)

I’ve  always subscribed to this definition of a honeymoon although the details have changed with age. Most of my life I thought of Tahiti or the Maldives as my dream honeymoon: super romantic + vacation of a lifetime.  But before that I wanted a very different honeymoon:

Oh hell yes.  How had I completely forgotten about Mount Airy Lodge until just the other day? As a child of the 80’s the commercials were driven into my head as the epitome of romance. And then there was the pool…

Mount Airy Lodge, Poconos, 1989-ish

Yes, I have been brainwashed into loving plunge pools since I was 5 years old.

But the funny thing is that now that a honeymoon is upon me, I’m backing away from the whole “romantic getaway” I’d always envisioned. Ironically, I think Scott would prefer the romantic week at a nice resort doing nothing, whereas I’m going, “But this is our only vacation this year! We can’t waste it!”

I sure am a dreamy bride.

I think I just hate the whole forced romance of weddings, and thus honeymoons.

Like during our engagement shoot last weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but the whole “kiss, hug, look like you’re in love” thing felt like work. Exhausting work. I was like “Ohhhh, so this is what being a model; is like. Dammit, they *almost* deserve all that cash.”

So yea, planning for relaxation and romance seems like we’re just setting ourselves up for failure.

On the other hand, I can see how the exhaustion in the lead up to the wedding sends most couples straight to St. Lucia or the DR. A week at a resort ANYWHERE sounds like a plan to me right now. But my issues with being not like “most people” are causing me to fight the resort option like a rebellious teenager.

So as of now, our shortlist is Italy and Belize, and I’ll post about each soon…

What about you marrieds or plannings – where’d you go? Did you relax or sightsee? Was relaxing hard to do, or was running around overwhelming?