How It All Began

Aimee: so why did ideeli have to make the costa rican eco villa trip for 4 people????
KA: oh man, i havent looked at that stuff yet
Aimee: and if this was not the year we were both seperate trips, you and I would be planning a costa rica trip right now
KA: hahaha, yes. have you guys made any decisions yet? I’ve gone off the deep end honeymoon planning -I’m so over wedding planning
Aimee: and yes, I have also gone off the deep end as of last week with vacation planning
KA: hahaha, i have literally been pricing trips from the maldives to the galapagos, to more realistic options like belize and italy
Aimee: omg. same.  I found this unbelievable place in the maldives yesterday
KA: me too! it was like $250 a nite for an overwater bungalow!
Aimee: ohh the place I found was out of control, like 900 a night lol
KA: haha, well thats the kind of place that got me started…i had the whole thing figured out and then i realized it included a 20 hour layover in Qatar…
Aimee: yep, thats the only thing turning me off maldives
KA: today’s obsession is sardinia
Aimee: ooo
KA: I have a whole itinarary planned – 2 days in rome, 3 days in sardinia, and 2 days in florence
but it involves rental cars and overnite ferries and sounds like a lot of work, lol
Aimee: ooo, Id love to do something like that, but we want warm, and it wont be warm in Nov there
KA: oh yes, the beginning of december is such a great off season for almost all warm places though
KA: like anywhere mexico/caribbean, south america
Aimee: that just deasnt seem exciting enough. lol
KA: haha, i know what you mean
KA: i think im leaning towards belize…it seems like the best possible combination of doing nothing on a beach and doing things…plus it’s all english speaking
Aimee: yea, I was thinking Belize too
KA: i kind of feel like going somewhere generic and laying on a beach for a week is lame…but im starting to get why ppl do it. as much as id rather plan a trip than a wedding, i feel like by the time i get to the trip all im gonna want to do is nap.
Aimee: yup